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More Scenic Byway Pics

Sierra Vista Scenic Byway: Beautiful mountain country awaits you! The Sierra Vista National Scenic Byway is one of the most beautiful drives in all of California. Few folks even know about this gorgeous Sierra Nevada route just south of Yosemite.

The entire stretch from North Fork to the exit point on highway 41 past Nelder Grove (home to 150 mature Sequoias), takes approximately five hours - plus time for breathtaking scenery stops! The Byway is a seasonal route, generally open from June through October.

Some parts of the road are blocked by snow during the winter months since the roads are not always plowed or maintained. If a trip is being planned for the spring or the fall months, call ahead to the Minarets Ranger District (559-877-2218) to check road and weather conditions.

Eagles Beaks

Eagles Beaks

Ross Cabin

Ross Cabin

Globe Rock

Globe Rock: President Theodore Roosevelt had his picture taken beside this rock.

A drive, hike or backpack adventure through the Sierra National Forest or Yosemite National Park will show you the Creator's handiwork.

Redinger Lake

Redinger Lake from the Redinger Lake Overview. You can get to Redinger Lake from Italian Bar Road. You will pass the Exact Center of California on this paved road.


Mile High Vista

Another awesome view from Mile High Vista.

Arch Rock

Jackass Meadow

Looking down on Jackass Meadow. The Meadow is at 7200 feet elevation.

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